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Mission and Goals

Our mission is to nurture collaborative efforts by building bridges and networks between people and agencies who share a vision of a healthier community for children and families.

Established in 1994, we focus on prevention, coordination, and streamlining services to better meet the needs of children and families.


Our focus on prevention comes from the belief that supporting families early on to prevent unstable situations or crisis strengthens families and builds healthier communities.


Our focus on coordination comes from the belief that joint efforts result in greater impact.  By allowing the collaborative to combine resources, while working together across the county, we can do things that no one entity could do alone.  To support our mission, the council meets regularly and appoints committees and subcommittees to address needs as necessary.

Our Goals

The Anoka County Children and Family Council has two goals:

  • Nurture collaborative efforts in Anoka County by building relationships and networks to support healthy families and communities.
  • Support efforts to improve family and educational functioning while fostering a safe and stable environment for children.

Funding Sources

We would like to extend a very special thank you to our Local Collaborative Time Study participants from Anoka County Corrections, Anoka County Public Health Nursing, and the seven school districts: Anoka-Hennepin, Centennial, Columbia Heights, Fridley, St. Francis, Spring Lake Park, and Forest Lake.  The time so unselfishly given to the study is greatly appreciated.  Without the Local Collaborative Time Study, many of the goals we share for our children and families would have gone unrealized.

We would also like to thank the many local community organizations, businesses and foundations for their generous contributions over the years.

Our Work

Community Asset Fund

The Council has found, based on more than a decade of experience, that there are a couple perpetual barriers to families’ success.  Those areas are mental health and immigrant and refugee issues. The Council created the Community Asset Fund to foster new connections in the community to collaboratively tackle these persistent issues.  Activities are varied and include providing hands-on training to families and caregivers on more than a dozen specific topics. New connections are being forged between medical and mental health practitioners. Professional trainings are educating people on emerging trends.  Resources in the Community Asset Fund also are available to remove barriers to direct care, such as help with costs for mental illness drug prescriptions. For further information, please contact Denise Kirmis at 763-712-2705.

ACCFC School District Partnership Grants

ACCFC School District Partnership Grants are an example of the Council’s mission in action. An annual competitive process encourages schools and community agencies to work together and submit projects that efficiently and effectively support our children and families in Anoka County.

Past grantees have included:

  • “Opening Doors for English Learners” is a project involving schools in Columbia Heights and Spring Lake Park. It improved the health, well-being and school readiness of children whose first language is not English.  A grant for $42,026 paid for a Spanish speaking parent teacher, professional development for staff, and development of literacy curriculum.
  • Homeless and highly mobile students were the target of a grant from Emma B. Howe YMCA, Centennial and Spring Lake Park school districts. They utilized $50,000 to conduct staff development and assist in planning. Participants gained valuable resource and referral information on foreclosure prevention, basic needs, and mental and chemical health services.
  • “Supporting Youth and Families Program” invested $50,000 in a partnership of Columbia Heights School District, Columbia Heights Police Department, Columbia Heights Assembly of God Church, U of M Extension, Stages Theatre Company, and various youth and community groups.   Goals of “Supporting Youth and Families Program” included implementing a youth leadership committee, a community website for youth, and a high school student to elementary student mentorship program. Support for the Columbia Heights Police Department youth basketball program was included.

Site Funds

School districts receive limited funds every year to respond to the emergency needs of individual families, often related to housing, clothing, transportation, medical care, etc.  The key for these funds is that individual school districts determine the most pressing needs for their students.

Stipends and Sponsorships

The Council recognizes that we are not alone in the desire, or the responsibility, to strengthen our communities.  Funds are available, on a limited basis, to help other community groups with their events or special projects that align with the Council’s mission. The Council also can help market events or projects by offering their stamp of approval.

Collaborative Partners

The Anoka County Children and Family Council is a Family Service collaborative with joint membership comprised of Anoka County and seven school districts, Anoka County Community Action Program (ACCAP), and three appointed community agencies.  In addition to participating members from the joint powers agreement, we also have parent member representation as well as additional interested community organizations and service providers.

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