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East Central Regional Juvenile Center (RJC)

Contact information:

For RJC general information
call 651-783-3989

To make a referral or check beds available:
call 651-792-3021
fax 651-792-1828

To view the latest East Central Regional Juvenile Center annual report, go to Reports, Publications & Forms.

The purpose of the RJC is to protect the community while providing youth with opportunities to change. RJC is a maximum-security regional juvenile center for males and females 10 to 18 years old who have committed delinquent acts and have been sentenced.

Use the following links to information on this page:

Description of Service

Chemical Dependency Treatment Program 90/70

Download a description of the programThis is a link to an Adobe PDF file.

RJC is a maximum-security facility serving males and females, ages 10 to 18, who have committed delinquent acts. Youth are placed at RJC for detention and short-term placement. Residents continue with school on campus (read more about school on campus).

RJC serves 10 counties in the 10th Judicial District through a Joint Powers Agreement. RJC accepts referrals from joint powers counties AND OTHER COUNTIES. To make a referral, or check daily bed availability, call 651-792-3021.

Services include:

  • Detention Provides placement pending court or disposition. Components include the following:
    • Group living – recreation, school, daily living responsibilities
    • Psycho-educational groups
    • Behavior management groups
    • Life skills education classes
    • Anger replacement education classes
    • School
  • Weekend Program 48-hour program
    • Secure correctional institutional experience
    • Opportunity to reflect on consequences of criminal behavior
    • Individual, not group, setting
  • 5-Day to 60-Day Programs Components include:
    • A 5- to 60-day behavior consequence program
    • Individualized behavior contract
    • Community service work
    • School
    • Individual, not group, setting
    • Behavior confrontation in group setting
    • Group living skills
    • Transitional plan for returning to the community
    • Treatment modalities, such as
      • Restorative justice
      • Anger replacement education
      • Cognitive restructuring group sessions
      • Life skills
      • Psycho-educational groups sessions
      • Victimization
      • Re-offense prevention planning

Per Diem Rates 2014

RJC Member County $ 236.00
Non-Member County $ 256.00
Transportation $25.00/hr

Beds Available

East Central Regional Juvenile Center (RJC) is a 36-bed maximum-security facility, serving males and females, 10 to 18 years old, who have committed delinquent acts. Residents attend RJC’s school on campus (read more about school on campus) for 6 hours a day, five days a week.

Referral form  (MS Word format, can be filled out and printed)

Juvenile bed openings at our Non-Secure, Secure,  and East Central Regional Juvenile Center, contact us at 651-792-3021. We have placement openings along with programing opportunities for your County's needs.

Address and Map

East Central Regional Juvenile Center
7565 4th Avenue
Lino Lakes, MN 55014
Phone: 651-783-3989
Fax: 651-792-1828

For a map and directions, click here to use the MapQuest Web site.

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