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See a list of adults incarcerated in Anoka County facilities

Community Corrections Department

  • For help with probation, fees, restitutions, educational program and other services, see Field Services.
  • For information about referrals, bed availability, and facilities, see Institutions.

Probation Field Services

For more information or assistance, call:
Court Services/
Adult Probation
Adult Supervision 763-712-2200
Juvenile Probation 763-323-5901


For more information about Field Services programs, see:


Anoka County Workhouse Institutions

To make a referral or check beds available, click facility link for more info:
Juvenile Non-Secure Program  
Juvenile Secure Program  
Regional Juvenile Center, Secure  
Adult Workhouse  
Also see:
Pines School
For general information, call:
Workhouse 763-712-2200
Juvenile Programs 651-783-3989
The Anoka County Jail is operated by the Sheriff's Office.

Dylan Warkentin, Director
Community Corrections
Rick Sells, Manager
Court Services
Todd Benjamin, Superintendent
Juvenile Center Campus
Corey Kohan, Manager
Rum River Human Service Center


For more information about Community Corrections, see:


Our Mission

Working to Build a Safer Community

The department's vision and mission incorporates strategic planning through the use of evidence-based practices and outcome measurements.


Guiding Principles

  • Individuals can change and public safety is enhanced through our balanced approach of targeted interventions and accountability.
  • We promote and maintain a safe, positive and healthy work environment for all.
  • We value communication, cooperation, and collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • We are sensitive to the impact of crime and value victim restoration.
  • We believe in staff development and safety through training, support, resources, and recognition.
  • We are obligated to provide quality, timely, and fiscally responsible services.
  • We are committed to leading through implementing innovative, research based and results driven services.
  • We actively evaluate agency practices through quality assurance.


What We Do

Anoka County Community Corrections provides a system of services for adults and juveniles referred by the courts.  All cases receiving probationary dispositions receive supervision and/or case management as ordered by the court.  The department works with offenders who need supervision while living in the community or who are incarcerated in one of our facilities.


Main Contact

Anoka County Community Corrections
Anoka County Courthouse
325 E. Main Street, Suite 100
Anoka, MN  55303


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