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Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Division represents the State in matters involving children.  Attorneys in the Juvenile Division prosecute children who commit offenses within Anoka County before turning age 18.  These offenses range from juvenile petty offenses involving tobacco and alcohol to delinquency offenses, such as assaults, robberies and murder.  Traffic offenses committed by children are also prosecuted by Juvenile Division attorneys, except for petty misdemeanor and DWI offenses committed by 16 and 17 year old children.  These cases are prosecuted in adult court. 

In addition, Juvenile Division attorneys bring actions to protect abused or neglected children through the Children in Need of Protection and Services (CHIPS) area.  This includes a range of matters, from truancy to terminating parental rights when reunification efforts have failed.

The Juvenile Division works to promote public safety in our communities, as well as to reduce crimes committed by juveniles, by prosecuting juveniles who commit crimes in the community and by helping those individuals to take responsibility for their unlawful behavior.  The division also works to ensure that juveniles are safe and cared for in their homes and communities by  prosecuting cases for Children in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) matters.


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