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Anoka County Attorney Tony Palumbo
Anoka County Attorney
Tony Palumbo

To provide quality prosecution, victim services, crime prevention and legal counsel for County government on behalf of the people of Anoka County so they can live in a safe, well-governed community.

Contact Us:

Anoka County
County Attorney's Office
2100 3rd Avenue
Anoka, MN  55303

General Information:
Phone: 763-323-5550
Fax: 763-422-7589

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

County Attorney

Tony Palumbo is the Anoka County Attorney. He is the chief legal officer for Anoka County and was elected by voters throughout the County. The Chief Deputy County Attorney is David Cossi.

The County Attorney serves as the chief prosecutor for all adult felony crimes and juvenile offenses in Anoka County. The County Attorney's Office will prosecute aggressively and strategically in order to protect the community and to maintain public safety.

Community collaborations will be fostered to reduce and prevent crime, to promote public safety, and to protect the rights of people and businesses in the community. One of the priorities of the Office is for assistant County Attorneys and staff to be more involved in the community as they have a wealth of talent and knowledge to share with others.

The County Attorney's Office also serves as a legal advisor for the County Board of Commissioners, county officials, and county departments. Legal advice will be provided to aid policy makers as they determine how to make investments in highways, parks, libraries, human services, law enforcement, and other County departments. The office also represents the County in civil lawsuits, child support matters, adult protection, and mental health commitments.


Cyber Crime & Computer Forensics Conference

For law enforcement professionals, sponsored by the Anoka County Attorney's Office, May 17 & 18.  Download the brochure and registration form.


SAFE Initiative keeping seniors safe

Read about the Stop Abuse and Financial Exploitation initiative formed by the County Attorney's Office in the recent Anoka County News.  Learn more about this issue by watching An Age for Justice on YouTube or go to the North Metro TV website to watch it online (search the schedule for An Age for Justice).


Juvenile Court

View a discussion of Juvenile Court on QCTV at



A Guide to Local Legal Resources thumbnail image
Download "A Guide to Local Legal Resources" from the County Attorney's Office.

Watch Online:
Video about Domestic Violence Pilot Program
Domestic Abuse Pilot Program roundtable discussion
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,
Part 4, Part 5

To view details of the expedited domestic abuse calendaring project, download "Domestics Pilot Program."

Also, see In the News


For more information about the County Attorney's office, see the following:

Civil Division

Provides legal advice to the County Board of Commissioners, county officials, and county departments. Read more.

Criminal Division

Prosecutes adults and certified juveniles charged with felony crimes and designated misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor crimes occurring within the boundaries of Anoka County. Read more.

Family Law Division

Provides legal services to the Anoka County Office of Child Support to:  establish paternity, establish a child support obligation, enforce a child support obligation, review child support orders, and other tasks. Read more

Investigation Unit

Investigates certain economic crimes including theft of public assistance, financial exploitation of vulnerable adults, mortgage fraud, theft by swindle, and similar crimes. The unit also works on other cases assigned by the County Attorney and staff as they arise.

Juvenile Division

Represents the state in matters involving children. Read more.

Protective Services Unit

Provides legal services to the Anoka County Community Social Services and Mental Health Department in the areas of civil commitment, adult protection, adult and child foster care licensing and family child care licensing. Read more.

Victim-Witness Program

The Victim Witness Program provides victims and witnesses of crime supportive services and assistance to deal with the actual crime itself and the expectations of the criminal justice system.  Read more.


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