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Neighborhood Stabilization Program

In an effort to assist neighborhoods hard hit by the foreclosure crisis, the federal government launched the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) which provided funds to Anoka County.

Anoka County will use federal NSP funds to address foreclosures and create permanent housing opportunities.  NSP requirements include household income guidelines and identified areas of “greatest need.” Those areas have been outlined within the NSP Final Substantial Amendment (PDF, 23MB). Within the outlined areas of greatest need, Anoka County will use NSP funds to address housing that has been foreclosed upon and is now vacant or abandoned. Bringing housing units into compliance with health and safety requirements and addressing rehabilitation needs will be key components to stabilizing neighborhoods.

Anoka County will address the problem of foreclosed and vacant properties by spending NSP funds as follows:

  1.  Purchase a property - if the home and garage are beyond repair, demolish it - sell vacant land for redevelopment;
  2.  Purchase a property - remodel the home to meet health and safety codes - sell property to income-qualified family.  As part of the sale of these properties, qualified buyers have the opportunity to use affordability assistance.


Anoka County NSP Performance Reports are available for review upon request or by downloading them from below.  Additional reports will be posted as they are generated.




For information specific to Anoka County’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program and/or the federal requirements that apply contact Kate Thunstrom, Community Development Manager, at 763-323-5714 or

Information is also available on HUD's Web site




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